Sergei Movsesian – Levon Aronian LIVE!

Nanjing Pearl Spring chess tournament live commentary

The round 3 game between Sergei Movsesian and Levon Aronian begins at 7:30am CET. The commentary will appear below the board.

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9:50 CET

32. Kf2 – Now that was quick. Movsesian and Aronian have blitzed through the last 10 moves to reach unlike Bishops ending and sign a draw. In this kind of position, when Black has a bolt on e4, it is difficult to come up with anything else than f2-f3, which in turn can simplify the game to the level where one would long to watch Petroff just for some heart race.

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9:40 CET

21…Rfe8!? – Very nice sidestep, shows us how the Grandmasters think. Most of us would automatically grab the pawn with Nxe7, but Aronian does not want to allow Bf4 and Rfe1 with tempo. The Knight also covers e5 from c6.

9:30 CET

17…Bxg4!? – Interesting decision, now the things might complicate a bit. 17… Nxe4 18. Nxe4 Bxe4 19. Bxe4 Qxe4 would have been completely equal.

18. e5! – The only way to fight for the initiative, 18. hxg4 Nxg4 gives plenty of counterplay to Black.

9:20 CET

16. f3 – Sooner or later, White will have to open the center, otherwise his pieces are lacking space.

16…Qg6 – Again better than exchange on g4 which favour White after hxg4.

8:55 CET

15. Ng4!? – Exchange on g4 cannot be recommended 15…Bxg4 16. hxg4 Qg6 17. Nxe4!, most likely Aronian will play 15…d5.

8:45 CET

14. Bc2 – It looks like Movsesian is completely ignoring Qg6. Perhaps he will agree to trade h3 for e4? But Black does not have to take at once, he can fortify e4 first, with Nf6 and d5.

8:35 CET

12. Nh2!? – A novelty, earlier game saw 12. Nfd2. The difference is that White will want to have the Knights on h2 and d2 before possibly pushing f3.

8:30 CET

9. Be3 – This is rare, White usually push immediate d4.

9…Kh8 – The same move was used by Arshak Petrosian, the coach of Peter Leko and the Armenian national team, back in 1984 against Vladimir Malaniuk. The next few moves will follow that game.

8:25 CET

8…Nh7 – With dual purpose, preparing possible Ng5, which should loosen White’s center a bit after Knights’ exchange, and clearing the way for f-pawn advance.

8:20 CET

7. Bb3 – Always useful retreat in this setup. White wants to keep his Bishop on the board and prepares measures against possible Na5.

8. h3 – Nbd2 or Re1 are popular alternatives, but Black always continues with the same plan as in the game.

8:15 CET

4…h6 – We’ve been taught not to make unnecessary pawn moves early in the opening, but h6 will fit perfectly with Black’s plans. It is not really pointed to prevent Ng5 or Bg5, which can’t do any harm, but to prepare future piece exchange on g5. Aronian already used this move before.

8:05 CET

3. Bc4!? – Back to the good old Italian opening. Movsesian loves to play Italian and Bishop’s opening with White, so Aronian didn’t really hope to enter his favourite Marshall Attack in Ruy Lopez.

4. d3!? – The most popular as of late. Much sharper lines like 4. d4 (Max-Lange attack) and 4. Ng5 have been deeply explored.

7:40 CET

Movsesian and Aronian are both entering this round encouraged with yesterday’s wins over Svidler and Ivanchuk respectively. Surprisingly enough, the two do not really have a game history. Aronian (rated only 2310 back then) won with White at the 1996(!) Armenian Championship and once again in 2002 Bundesliga. Another game in 2004 Bundesliga ended in a draw. Movsesian, who is now playing under Slovakia flag, has been steadily increasing his level over the last couple of years and is now holding 12th position with 2741 points at the Live Top List.

7:35 CET

The games will probably start at 8:00, stay tuned.

7:30 CET

Good morning everyone, welcome to the Chessdom LIVE coverage of the Pearl Spring tournament.