Veselin Topalov – Sergei Movsesian LIVE!

Nanjing Pearl Spring chess tournament live commentary

The round 10 game between Veselin Topalov and Sergei Movsesian begins at 8:00 am CET. The commentary will appear below the board.

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8:45 CET

32. Rxb5 – After the numerous exchanges, game finished in a draw. Topalov wins the tournament with 7.0/10, while Movsesian remains on 4.0 points.

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8:20 CET

21. Qc7 – Most likely preparing to pin the Knight with Bb5 and later Nf3-e5. But Black also gets good counterplay on the 2nd rank.

8:15 CET

18. Na7 – This will clean the queenside. 18. Qb3 deserved attention, but the position is still completely equal.

8:10 CET

12. a3!? – Not that common move. White is preparing queenside expansion. Most popular is 12. Na4, as played by Kramnik, Morozevich and Anderson.

8:05 CET

5. cxd5!? – Veselin Topalov already secured the first place after yesterday’s win against Peter Svidler. He chose to play the safe Slav Exchange variation against Movsesian’s attempt to open with Chebanenko. It is not that much that Topalov is “playing for a draw”, as he is actually already hiding his real (best) repertoire against Chebanenko for the upcoming match with Gata Kamsky.

7:55 CET

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